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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wireless Network Management System Benefits

With the advent and recent acceleration of the Internet of Things, Services and People (IoTSP), increasing ‘connectedness’ is driving both organizations and individuals to expect more flexibility and an up-to-date flow of information. We believe modern wireless field area communication networks are critical to building oil & gas, utilities, mining and industrial control system applications; so therefore, managing those networks becomes paramount to successful operations.

Wireless Network Management System

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ABB's SuprOS communication network management system, for both wired and wireless networks, provides network-wide visualization tools for fault, configuration and performance management from a single console. Through its web-based interface, it streamlines and minimizes costs of deployment, optimization, operation, and maintenance of ABB communication networks, ensuring networks that are secure, reliable and efficient. A key advantage is the ease with which initial network deployments, expansions, and reconfigurations take place. Through use of advanced auto-discovery, networks devices such as mesh routers are able to automatically find one another, reducing the need for extensive pre-planning, and streamlining network deployment.

Regardless of the industry - oil & gas, utilities, mining or industrial - our wireless network management tools allow you to easily build and scale wireless networks no matter what industrial challenges you face. SuprOS continuously analyzes the network and automatically determines strategies for optimizing performance. Moreover, we have a full line of mesh routers, PTP and PTMP radios, and client nodes all controlled by carrier-class wireless network management software. The perfect wireless network manager is only a click away and we provide the best wireless network management sotware to enable superior next-generation networks.