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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Reboot: new web site = time to relaunch the Tropos blog

As you may have noticed on your way to this post, we did some pretty radical remodeling – both look and content – to Spurred by the one-year anniversary of our acquisition by ABB, we made a number of changes including:
  • Converting the website, as well as our literature and YouTube channel, to use the look and feel of ABB documents and web properties
  • Making it easier to get in touch with us by providing more places where you can fill out contact forms
  • Simplifying the process for gaining access to content requiring user registration  (e.g., white papers and case studies) by asking only for an email address on our registration forms and providing a register-once, download-many registration system.
There’s lots of new and improved content on the Tropos web site, including the new Silicon Valley Power and Rock Hill case studies as well as the new Venice (yes, the one in Italy) success story. We invite you to peruse the site and give us your feedback on how we can improve your website visit experience. As we mentioned, finding a contact form is easier than ever.
Refreshing the web site also spurred us to reboot the Tropos blog (obviously). Check back often as we’ll be posting new content often. We promise. Also please follow @TroposNetworks on Twitter.

Bert Williams