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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What is Smart Grid 2.0?

I recently wrote an article published in PowerGrid International about the evolution of the smart grid market from what I call “Smart Grid 1.0” to “Smart Grid 2.0”. I characterize Smart Grid 1.0 as AMI centric which is where many utilities initiated their smart grid projects. So what’s next? I believe the next wave, Smart Grid 2.0, is all about automation of the distribution grid or Distribution Automation (DA). Why? It represents a huge opportunity for utilities to better control service quality and reliability, energy conservation, and asset utilization. Plus…DA is an application that does not touch the power customer directly so is less likely to run into some of the challenges experienced by many of the utilities rolling out smart meters.

From a network perspective, DA places far more stringent requirements than was required for Smart Grid 1.0. In my paper I outline these:
  • High reliability - 99.999%
  • Low latency - <20 milliseconds
  • Strong security
  • Centralized network visibility and control
  • Scalable to cost effectively connect millions of DA endpoints
Check out the article for more details.