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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Use of Tropos Network Exceeding Expectations in Ponca City

One of the main uses for the Tropos wireless network in Ponca City, Oklahoma is for free public Internet access within the community. According to a press release earlier this week by the City, use of the network is exceed expectations and demand is continuing to increase with over 10,000 unique users logging on each day, transporting over 800 Gigabytes of data. To keep up with growing demand for wireless Internet access, the City is increasing its AT&T backhaul capacity.

As well as providing high speed Internet services for businesses and residents, the Tropos wireless mesh network is used by virtually all city municipal departments to provide Internet connectivity to mobile workers, improving workflow efficiencies and access to information. Nearly seventy-five percent of city staff is mobile making the network an important productivity tool. City departments using the network include public safety, parks and recreation, public works, and utilities. Ponca City was one of the first cities to use the network for mobile IP video by install IP cameras on the dashboard inside police vehicles enabling officers to send live video to a central location. The in-vehicle video helps improve officer safety such as during traffic stops or other incidents when the officer is outside their vehicle, acting as a second set of on-scene eyes and enabling some to quickly respond with assistance if an officer needs help.

Check out this case study to learn more about how Ponca City is using their wireless network for broad community benefit. Also check out Ponca City’s wireless Internet access website for more information about their free public Internet access service.


Monday, May 16, 2011

DTE Energy Selects Tropos for Smart Grid!

The big news for Tropos last week was that our technology was selected for DTE Energy’s SmartCurrents program. SmartCurrents is DTE Energy’s first smart grid program which will span over 500 square miles of their service territory and include AMI and distribution automation applications.

“We selected the Tropos mesh as we expect it to provide greater reliability, plus it has the capacity and security to support AMI backhaul, distribution automation, mobile workforce automation and other smart grid applications.”
Brian Moccia
Major Enterprise Projects/AMI Technology Manger, DTE Energy

Tropos technologies selected by DTE Energy include:

  • Itron OpenWay® Integrated Cell Router – Sold by Itron, this product integrates Itron’s OpenWay Cell Relay (900MHz mesh technology) and Tropos’ Mesh Router (2.4/5.8 GHz mesh technology)
  • Tropos Mesh Routers (Tropos 7320 and Tropos 6320 models)
  • Itron OpenWay Control – Sold by Itron, this product integrates wireless network management of both Itron and Tropos mesh technologies
Check out the press release!


Monday, April 11, 2011

KEMA – Smart Grid Communications Challenges

Check out a well-written paper by Mark Burke at KEMA about key challenges utilities face as they deploy smart grid communications. He cites the three key areas of concern utilities as -- security, reliability, and scalability. In addition, the paper highlights some of the new solutions and approaches utilities are taking to reduce these communications risks.
Tropos' strong security architecture and FIPS 140-2 certification mentioned as well as one of our customers, Glendale Water & Power!

The paper, “A Smarter Smart Grid - How to Plan and Deploy Your Communications Layer” was recently published in Public Utility Fortnightly’s e-newsletter, Spark.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Tropos’ Growth and Vision Acclaimed by Frost & Sullivan

More exciting news for Tropos! Recently we were selected to receive Frost & Sullivan’s “2011 Smart Grid Market Penetration Leadership Award”.  This award is presented to a company that experiences the fastest increase in market share within their industry. Last year, we achieved a phenomenal 41 percent growth in sales and 80 percent growth in bookings!

In a detailed report, Frost & Sullivan highlights our key performance drivers and achievements in the smart grid market.  "...The value proposition clearly resonates with utilities in the midst of planning and implementing smart grid networks and is therefore a major contributing factor to Tropos Networks' success in the smart grid market," according to Farah Saeed, analyst for Frost & Sullivan.

Some highlights from the research report include discussion of our competitive advantages:
  • Multi-use network – capable of aggregating communications for many smart grid applications (AMI backhaul, distribution automation, mobile workforce, and more) over a single economic communications foundation.
  • Scalable – a flexible and scalable network architecture that enables utilities to deploy an optimal blend of wireless technologies (mesh, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint), creating an overall network architecture that is resilient, high performance and economical.
  • Field-Proven – Tropos has achieved a 100 percent conversation rate of pilot tests with utilities.  Smart grid customers include Avista, Burbank Water and Power, City of Duncan, Glendale Water and Power, and Silicon Valley Power.
  • Partnerships – Tropos established strategic partnerships with smart grid ecosystem leaders including Itron, Elster, Honeywell, and ABB.
Check out more details about Tropos in Frost & Sullivan’s “Market Penetration Leadership Award, Smart Grid North America 2011” report.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tropos - A Smart Grid Company to Watch in 2011!

Tropos was selected as one of the top 11 smart grid companies to watch in 2011 by Smart Grid News’ annual poll. This year is off to a strong start in so many ways! In addition to this recognition, we’ve made several other significant announcements about our successes in the smart grid market.

1) Tropos was selected by more utilities for their smart grid communications in 2010 – the list includes: Avista, Burbank Water and Power, City of Duncan, Glendale Water and Power, City of Naperville (announced today ) and Silicon Valley Power (expect several more customer announcements in the next few months).

2) Tropos introduced its New Distribution Automation Mesh Router that provides economical high performance connectivity for a wide range of legacy (DNP3) and IP distribution automation devices.

3) Tropos GridCom 2.0 network architecture for the Smart Grid - a blend of high performance network technologies with unified network management that delivers the most economical and complete communications for smart grid communications. It incorporates Mesh, PTP and PTMP network technologies that can be blended together and centrally managed by Tropos Control.

Expect more exciting news from Tropos in the coming year…this is just the beginning!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

What is Smart Grid 2.0?

I recently wrote an article published in PowerGrid International about the evolution of the smart grid market from what I call “Smart Grid 1.0” to “Smart Grid 2.0”. I characterize Smart Grid 1.0 as AMI centric which is where many utilities initiated their smart grid projects. So what’s next? I believe the next wave, Smart Grid 2.0, is all about automation of the distribution grid or Distribution Automation (DA). Why? It represents a huge opportunity for utilities to better control service quality and reliability, energy conservation, and asset utilization. Plus…DA is an application that does not touch the power customer directly so is less likely to run into some of the challenges experienced by many of the utilities rolling out smart meters.

From a network perspective, DA places far more stringent requirements than was required for Smart Grid 1.0. In my paper I outline these:
  • High reliability - 99.999%
  • Low latency - <20 milliseconds
  • Strong security
  • Centralized network visibility and control
  • Scalable to cost effectively connect millions of DA endpoints
Check out the article for more details.


5 Trends Driving Smart Grid Growth in 2011

We have identified five key smart grid trends that contributed to Tropos’ growth last year and we expect to continue to drive our market success in 2011 and beyond.  These trends are accelerating market growth and have been confirmed by many independent industry research analysts and the investment banking industry as well as by our utility customers.

1) Smart Grid Communications are Being Built as a Network of Networks

2) Distribution Automation Rollouts Will Significantly Increase

3) Private Networks Will continue to Dominate as the Network of Choice for Smart Grids

4) Distribution Area Networks are Being Architected to Aggregate Communications for Multiple Smart Grid Applications

5) Mesh Network Technologies Will Continue to be a Popular Architectural Choice for the Smart Grid

Check out the Tropos Newsletter for more details about these trends.