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Friday, October 8, 2010

Tropos -- After Ten Years Strong!

Tropos 10th Anniversary Celebration
 Tropos celebrates its ten year anniversary this month. While its journey has taken the company from delivering networks for municipal public safety agencies, to providing public Internet access networks for service providers, to multi-use networks for municipal services and utilities, one thing has remained constant – delighted customers. This is something that I think sets Tropos apart from many other vendors. Our team’s commitment to customer satisfaction is integral to the Tropos culture and I believe has been a key to our success both in the past and will continue to be going forward. At this time we have more than 800 customers around the world using our wireless networks for a wide range of Smart Grid and Smart City uses.

Tropos wireless network systems were developed from the ground up and are based upon industry standards. While standards provide customers advantages in terms of ease of integration with other products, investment protection, alone its not enough to build leading products. Tropos’ founders understood this and developed innovative patented technologies that make wireless networks more resilient, higher performance, easier to manage. Having 30 patents granted and another 30 in the queue is a significant accomplishment.

I am pleased to be a part of the Tropos team and believe there’s a bright future for us ahead.