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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Philadelphia to Save $9M over 5-Years with City-Owned Wireless Broadband

The City of Philadelphia announced its plan to purchase the Tropos-based wireless broadband mesh network initially installed by EarthLink, but never completed. The City’s plans are to use the network primarily to improve municipal and public safety services and reduce operational costs; some public hot zones will also be available. “With the build out of the network, the City of Philadelphia will be a national model for how to operate and economically leverage a broadband network for the benefits of its citizens.” (quote is from the City’s press release on December 16, 2009)

Funding for the purchase of the network is a combination of $1.5M from homeland security grants and $500K from the City’s public safety funds. The City expects to save an impressive $9M in operating expenses over a 5-year period.

In the past year, Tropos also worked with the City of Corpus Christi as they purchased a Tropos-based mesh network back from EarthLink. Similar to Philly, Corpus Christi is using the network to improve municipal operational efficiencies and to deliver multiple high-value applications across the entire community. Just this week, Tropos presented the Mayor of Corpus Christi with an award citing their leadership and vision in adopting use of broadband for municipal services. Check out the press release to read about more of the details.

Both Philadelphia and Corpus Christi are great examples of how citywide wireless broadband can improve a wide range of public services while providing taxpayers and the City with substantial cost savings.Check out the Philadelphia Inquirer for more about Philadelphia’s announcement.