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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Corpus Christi Receives Award for its Use of Wireless Broadband to Improve Municipal Services

This week Tropos honored Corpus Christi City government leaders citing their vision in implementing a wireless technology for community-wide benefit. Tropos president and CEO, Tom Ayers presented Mayor Joe Adame with the award. Recently, Corpus Christi was selected by the National League of Cities as the top digital city in the nation among cities with a population of 250,000 or more.

John Sendejar, External Relations Manager for the City’s Municipal Information Systems Department noted that "Corpus Christi is very proud to have one of the most digitally progressive communities around the nation. We’re experiencing 100 percent success with our smart meters system reads and are grateful to have a network like Tropos in place as we start to realize the benefits it has for other government applications."

In 2005, Corpus Christi became on of the first cities to deploy a wireless broadband network. The first municipal application was for Automated Meter Reading (AMR) for water and gas meters; the City had sought to use AMR to save money and improve meter reading and billing accuracy. Today, 120,000 residential meters are read twice a day over the Tropos network. Since then, City leaders realized that they had a valuable asset in additional bandwidth that could be utilized by many city operations. By moving mobile city workers (police, building inspectors, code enforcement officers, fire inspectors, animal control officers and others) from a cellular network to Tropos, they have benefited from substantial cost savings plus much higher bandwidth enabling new applications such as Geographical Information systems (GIS), which performed too poorly to be of value over the cellular network. The City is also offering 25 free Wi-Fi hot zones around town as a way to provide an additional service for the community.

Tropos is pleased to be a part of continuing to work with City leaders in Corpus Christi to build a greener, safer, smarter community that enhances the quality of life. Read more about this award.