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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Check Out Our New GridCom Website

Tropos’ new website welcomes customers and partners seeking to learn about building Smart Networks for Smart Grids using Tropos’ GridCom wireless broadband network solutions. The new Web site contains valuable information on GridCom’s field-proven technology and Tropos’ commitment to support, including:
  • Consultant’s Corner contains information to help decision makers learn about the roles, requirements, and technologies for the different layers of communications that comprise a Smart Grid infrastructure.
  • Partners section lists solution partners, such as ABB and Itron, who have demonstrated interoperability with GridCom, simplifying deployment and support for customers.
  • News section provides the latest information on Tropos and GridCom products, customers, and partners.
  • Upcoming Events lists conferences and tradeshows in which Tropos will be participating. Look for Tropos' presentation at the SmartGrid Roadshow in early November.
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wireless Broadband for Communitywide Benefit in Ponca City

With a goal of being "one of the most mobile communities in America" Mayor Homer Nicholson of Ponca City, OK has presided over implementation of an extensive mesh network. Working with Honeywell and Tropos, nearly 500 nodes and gateways supply broadband coverage to nearly 30 square miles of the city, providing access to nearly every city department from police to parks and recreation. The mesh network offers the city a reliable and redundant network foundation through its "self-healing" capabilities where the network automatically routes wireless signals to avoid any single point of failure and assure uninterrupted service.

The city was also able to leverage the network to extend their Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone coverage, giving IP phone connectivity to city workers where cell coverage is poor. As an added benefit, residents and businesses in the coverage area will have access to free high-speed Internet access.

The Oklahoma Municipal League recently awarded Ponca City a 2009 Municipal Innovations Award in recognition for “Building a Multi-Use Wireless Broadband Network for Communitywide Benefit.”

You can see more details about Ponca City's network in the PDF: Honeywell Uses Tropos to Help Ponca City Build a Mobile Community That’s Reliable, Safer and More Productive.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Smart Grid Benefits from Stimulus Funding

After years of much promise, it looks like developments relating to the Smart Grid in the United States will be getting a big boost from federal stimulus funding, according to recent article in the Wall Street Journal. These grants will help the utilities make the move to a digital infrastructure that can enable advances not unlike those experienced with the spread of the Internet. Implementation of smart meters, broadband communications, mesh networks and other technologies will "allow utilities to monitor usage almost in real time, letting them charge variable prices based on demand, for example. Corporate and residential customers would acquire tools to manage their energy use. Residential customers could be given an in-home meter to see how much power they are using and what it is costing them," according to the article. This can result in lower electric bills, improved demand response, less need for added generation capabilities and, ultimately, reductions in pollution and greenhouse gasses.

A number of utilities and other vendors are actively addressing the opportunities presented by these Smart Grid developments. As long as these initiatives move forward with open standards that encourage the type of innovation seen with the Internet, we anticipate a robust industry with a wide range products and technologies which can be tailored to many needs that will have much to offer utilities, vendors and consumers alike.