ABB Wireless

Friday, September 25, 2009

GridWeek Update: ABB and Tropos Networks demo distribution automation over wireless broadband mesh network

Successful interoperability testing provides value to utilities seeking smart grid solutions.

ABB and Tropos Networks announced successful completion of interoperability testing for our products used to create smart grid solutions for utilities. This testing demonstrates the importance in adoption of industry standards and collaboration between vendors to help utilities build highly reliable, self-healing smart power grids.

Deployed together, these solutions will provide utilities with a highly reliable, intelligent distribution automation solution, and much more. ABB’s Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) -- reclosers, switches and capacitor controllers, remotely located on utility poles, collect critical information such as voltage fluctuations. GridCom connects to ABB IEDs and information is communicated over the GridCom network, back to a local substation where ABB’s COM600 gathers and intelligently analyzes the data.

The interoperability testing validates the interoperability and performance of ABB and Tropos GridCom. Smart grid distribution automation applications require a reliable, secure, multi-megabit, and low latency IP communications network which GridCom delivers.

For more details, see the news announcement.