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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shaping Our National Broadband Strategy

If you are interested in all matters of broadband wireless, then you should check out this recently published report, “Fighting the Next Good Fight – Assessing what our national broadband strategy should be” which is intended as input to Washington on implementing a nationwide broadband network. This report is based upon interviews with individuals actively improving their local economies with broadband initiatives. While much of the Obama administration’s public discussions have limited their focus to public Internet access as the main benefit of a national broadband infrastructure, clearly there are far greater benefits to be realized from building a community infrastructure -- economic, mobile workforce, healthcare, education, which should be taken into consideration as a national broadband strategy is formulated.

A few recommendation highlights from this report:
- Building a single nationwide network is not practical
- High-speed broadband access alone won’t help the economy recover
- Washington needs to provide policies, programs and legislation that support local governments as masters of their respective broadband future
- Accountability and transparency are critical
- The value of hiring people to build broadband infrastructure fades compared to the true, long-term economic benefits it can provide to a community

The author of this article is industry consultant and a much respected industry expert on municipal broadband networks, Craig Settles.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

WiFi Selected as Top Technology Innovation in Past Decade

2009 and the “top 10” ranking lists have started! As we begin a new year, its fairly common to see the “top 10” lists for just about everything -- ranging from the top movies and businesses to best resorts and vacationing spots – you name the category and someone will likely have a ranking for it. Here’s one that caught my attention -- Stuff, a UK-based magazine, surveyed its readers and lists the top ten best technological innovations of the last decade. Note that Wi-Fi takes the top spot as the most loved technology – an innovation that most certainly has had global impact from business to tourism to consumers (consumers of course includes the vast majority of teenagers today that use the wireless Internet to download music to their iPod -- see iPods at #5!).

Here’s the top 10 list of technology innovations as published by Stuff:

1. Wireless Internet – 35.5 percent
2. Sky+ - 16.9 percent
3. Sat Nav – 16.6 percent
4. Hybrid Cars – 8.9 percent
5. iPod – 5.6 percent
6. Chip and Pin – 5.6 percent
7. Nintendo Wii – 3.9 percent
8. Skype – 1.7 percent
9. Oyster Card – 1.5 percent
10. Blackberry – 1.1 percent

To read more, check out this article in