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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wireless Wolfsburg -- I want Internet access from my car!

You may have seen that Volkswagen has taken the lead in automotive technology innovation, launching Wireless Wolfsburg, a collaboration between the City of Wolfsburg and Volkswagen. The network was built using Tropos’ wireless broadband routers. The Volkswagen vision -- to explore new mobile Internet applications built into its cars – that’s everyday cars driven by you and me.

Last week at the International Suppliers Fair (IZB), there was a demonstration using a Volkswagen Tiguan outfitted with Wi-Fi. From the car’s navigation system interface, highlights related to the city of Wolfsburg were accessible over the wireless network -- local information such as such as events and cultural attractions, weather, and road conditions. Sort of a next gen local radio station but with more information – plus you can get the info you want when you want and where you want it. I was thinking how cool this would be when you’d like to go somewhere and are out and about but aren’t sure what you want to do…instead of running home and getting on the computer (or using the small screen on your iPod), or grabbing a newspaper, you can stay in your car and browse through your options…of course, probably not recommended while driving!