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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ponca City Launches Citywide Wireless Broadband Network

I had the pleasure of spending yesterday with city leaders in Ponca City, Oklahoma, as they officially launched their combined city-services and residential-access wireless broadband IP network – “Ponca City Wi-Fi”.

The city announced a trifecta of wireless broadband services – mobile video for police officers, multiple applications to improve the efficiency of city workers – 75% of who are mobile – and free wireless Internet Service to Ponca City residents and businesses. From City Commission approval to final deployment, the procurement and deployment processes took less than six months to complete.

Just like visionary city leaders in prior decades who helped build municipal infrastructure for electricity, water, gas, telephone, and Cable-TV, Mayor Homer Nicholson and City Manager Gary Martin provided the vision and political will so that a new wireless communication infrastructure is now delivering applications which help to make Ponca City greener, safer, and smarter.