ABB Wireless

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welcome to the Tropos Blog!

I like blogs. I read my friends’ blogs all the time. I read the blogs of people who my friends link onto their blogs. I read the blogs of people that are linked onto the blogs of the people who my friends link onto their blogs. Reading people’s blogs is fun. You get to know a completely different side of people and usually end up understanding them much better in the process. Which brings me to the “why” of the Tropos blog…

During my tenure (ten months) with Tropos, I have met with hundreds of customers, prospects, business partners, and investors who are interested in gaining insights as to why and how Tropos’ wireless broadband mesh networks are deployed and used. Invariably when I tell them about our customers and the benefits they experience after deploying our solutions, they always want to know more.

So here it goes, Dear Reader, our company blog is now launched! Tropos team members will be sharing their perspectives, experiences, and customer success stories with you. I hope you will find the postings interesting and insightful, and possibly even entertaining.

Tom Ayers
President & CEO