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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Increasing Police Presence...Without the Added Cost

How do you quantify the value of increasing the amount of time police officers spend out in the community? I asked one of Tropos' customers this very question. With ~1,500 officers, he estimated that by providing police officers with the ability to have high-speed access to the same applications in their vehicle as at the precinct enables police to spend approximately 100,000 more man hours per year in the field serving the community -- that equates to about 50 additional officers per year! More police, no additional cost -- now that's real value!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Firewatch Early Warning Makes the Save!

Last week I heard about a situation where a Tropos network was a contributing factor in what may have saved a community from devastation -- this really heightened my awareness as to the critical role our networks can contribute towards public safety. One of our customers, through their ability to detect a fire early, was able to put it out before it spread out of control.

While at first this may not sound like a big deal, but if you've read the news about the extent of damage from fires caused by the Santa Ana winds every year in Southern California, you get the picture. During fire season, high winds in this area can whip fires out of control quickly and threaten not only wildlife, but homes and other property as well. In this case, several video cameras connected to a Tropos wireless broadband network, provided early visibility of a fire outbreak that had occurred on a mountain slope and fire crews were able to get there -- fast.

Early fire warning can translate to a visible difference...once the smoke has cleared.

Denise Barton
Marketing Director

Stopping Campus Predators

As a parent of three university students, I very much relate to how important campus security is – I know that I want my three daughters who are attending large universities to feel safe as they walk around campus, especially at night.

One of our university customers was experiencing a high rate of sexual assaults and rapes on campus, but due to the large size of the campus and limited budgets, they couldn't add more campus patrol personnel. Instead they chose to install IP video surveillance cameras to centrally monitor outdoor areas including very remote and low visibility locations. This cost effective solution was quickly deployed and connected over a Tropos wireless broadband network, and has already enabled campus police to arrest one and identify several other suspects.

How do you place a value on safety and piece of mind (that's both parents and student)?


Welcome to the Tropos Blog!

I like blogs. I read my friends’ blogs all the time. I read the blogs of people who my friends link onto their blogs. I read the blogs of people that are linked onto the blogs of the people who my friends link onto their blogs. Reading people’s blogs is fun. You get to know a completely different side of people and usually end up understanding them much better in the process. Which brings me to the “why” of the Tropos blog…

During my tenure (ten months) with Tropos, I have met with hundreds of customers, prospects, business partners, and investors who are interested in gaining insights as to why and how Tropos’ wireless broadband mesh networks are deployed and used. Invariably when I tell them about our customers and the benefits they experience after deploying our solutions, they always want to know more.

So here it goes, Dear Reader, our company blog is now launched! Tropos team members will be sharing their perspectives, experiences, and customer success stories with you. I hope you will find the postings interesting and insightful, and possibly even entertaining.

Tom Ayers
President & CEO